The Emerald Chambers

My chambers are fully equipped and decorated in styles to add to the atmosphere which allows an intimate and erotic ambience to envelop your senses, this is further aided by the in-room sound system and air-conditioning in summer.

The Chambers consist of:

Reception Room

This can also be used if a domestic setting for a session is required

The Emerald Chamber

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Full suspension equipment, dark and moody

The Ruby Room

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Red and black and home for medical based play

There is also a shower room available should you need to clean up or refresh after the session

The pictures above will give an impression of what you can expect

Equipment Available

  • Bondage Chair
  • Whipping Benches
  • Nipple Stretchers
  • T.E.N.S Unit
  • Full Body Suspension
  • Vac Bag
  • Hot Wax Kit
  • Inflatable Latex Body Bag
  • Sleepsack
  • Bondage Tables
  • Chastity Devices
  • Hoods
  • Full Surgical Kit
  • Throne
  • Slaves Rubber Outfits
  • Inversion Rack
  • Doll Suit
  • Doll Hoods
  • Fucking Machine
  • Latex Bondage Ball
  • Body Boards
  • Gyno’ Table
  • Vac Bed
  • Strap-ons (various)
  • Standing Full Body Cage
  • Suspension Cuffs
  • Clothes for Crossdressing
  • There are also shackles, gags, harnesses, straps, hoods, canes, whips, paddles etc. far too numerous to mention! When I say fully equipped I do mean fully equipped!