About Me

A picture paints a thousand words…

I offer something a little different; those who have read ‘Venus in furs’ will recognise my domination style. I do not degrade myself by indulging in infantile games but exercise total control over my slaves with an imperious sense of style.

I am an intelligent and articulate Mistress (Degree educated), sardonically cruel with a penchant for the dramatic. Charming one moment, vicious the next; A session with me is a pleasure for me and a paradox for you! A truly incredible journey – you won’t know if you are coming or going! Refreshingly I also believe that BDSM can be fun too! I am that rarest of things, a long established, highly efficient professional Dominatrix who also has a sense of humour.

As no doubt you will have already noticed I am not a girl but a woman and yes all the photos on site are of me!

I stand approx. 5’6” but as I invariably wear heels I may be up to 6’ when you meet me.

My build is medium with broad shoulders in more than one sense, anything else you can work out for yourself from my images

Costumes and Outfits

I understand how important the visual image of a Domina may be to a submissive and consequently I do not object to polite requests for particular dress styles. If it pleases me and is complimentary to the type of session we are due to have then I may indulge you. A grace you will of course be intensely grateful for, won’t you?

I do have a very extensive wardrobe ranging from latex and PVC to historical and character costumes e.g. Pagan Priestess, Medieval inquisitor, cruel Victorian aristocrat, ‘biker chick’ etc. Some of my looks are shown above and of course elsewhere on this site.

I truly enjoy my work and specialise in personal sessions which is why I do not waste my precious time on webcams and the like. It is not about the money but my pleasure, hence my very reasonable rates. I also care for my slaves, after all how can a lame horse serve its mistress, but as the coquettish whim takes me I may choose to treat you miserably and terribly purely for my amusement!